18 July 2007

The Principles of Knitting

June Hemmons Hiatt. THE PRINCIPLES OF KNITTING. Simon and Schuster, NY 1988

Current Prices $160-$300 /£80-£150

Much sought after especially with a strong rebirth of interest in knitting. Considered almost an inspirational work in the canon and it leads knitters to the unimaginable stage of actually knitting to their own designs. It could well be reprinted and there seems to be a growing clamour to get this done with some knitters petitioning S & S for a reprint. Ms Hiatt is apparently esp good on wools and yarns etc., The book is seriously discussed over at Library Thing. She is against circular needles, feeling they produce "barrel sweaters" - this is now considered an unfashionable view and these needles are popular. Some knitters consider Ms Hiatt dictatorial. However there are 80 people wanting this book at ABE alone.

VALUE? 2 copies on ABE at $210 and $290, several on Amazon UK from $350 to $500 meanwhile copies change hands almost daily on ebay at around $100 - $200. Not scarce and a legendary library sale find. It's a big art book size hardback; some knitters are intimidated by its bulk. Can wear a jacket. It is not growing in value, although all the grossly overpriced copies of last year (highest $800) have disappeared or been reduced to merely unreasonable...[ W/Q **** ]


Anonymous said...

I was one of those waiting but I found a copy through ABE so thanks for your help. It wasnt cheap but less than your low price, lucky me! Helene

Penelope Sanchez said...

This is my favorite knitting reference book ever written, and this new edition with 100 more pages and revised material is even better than its original. This book belongs in every serious knitter's library!

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