22 August 2007

Guy Berkeley Breathed. Academia Waltz.

Breathed's book is a bit of an ebay special, people see it making good money there and then dig out there old copy nestling between Stephen Hawking and the Jane Fonda Work Out book. Academia Waltz is one for Pulitzer collectors....

Berke Breathed. (Guy Berkeley Breathed.) ACADEMIA WALTZ. Sterling Swift, Boston 1979.

Cartoons. Pulitzer (pronounced Pull- it- sir) prize winning cartoonist (1987) syndicated in 1200 US papers. His first regularly published strip was The Academia Waltz, which appeared in the Daily Texan in 1978. The strip attracted the notice of the editors of the Washington Post, who recruited him to do a nationally syndicated strip. On December 8, 1980, Bloom County made its debut and featured some of the characters from Academia Waltz, including former frat-boy Steve Dallas and the paraplegic Vietnam war veteran Cutter John (see inscribed copy below.) Big animals rights man, zany name, rhymes with 'method.' He illustrated the cover of PETA's* "Compassionate Cookbook," their T-shirts, and other merchandise. This is his first book and was published while he was at University of Texas. The Bantam Hall 1980 follow up 'Academia Waltz Bowing Out' is equally valuable and harder to find.

Current Selling Prices
$300-$750 / £160-£360

VALUE? Quite hard to find, seldom encountered etc., Often shows up creased cos it's an oblong art book size paperback. Copies on ABE etc., at $300 to $900 (relister, had it since 1997---Stop Press AUG 07, now seems to have taken it down-only 2 $700 copies left and one poorish $300 one stained with coffee) A copy sold in 08/06 bit creased but inscribed on ebay at $500. Last week a worn but acceptable copy went through at $230. Possibly un peu vieux chapeau and may be falling gracefully in price. Rumours of reprints etc. Kind of book you want to find for $30 in a shop where they routinely overprice everything and think that will cover any mistakes. Trouble is those kind of shops now look everything up, price from the highest copy and if it's not there put it away in a darkened room until someone put's one up. I love those guys. [ W/Q ***]

*People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
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