18 May 2007

Marc Platt. Lungbarrow (Doctor Who series) 1997

"In this, the seventh Doctor's final new adventure, he faces a threat which could uncover the greatest secret of them all..."

Marc Platt. LUNGBARROW. Virgin Books, London 1997. ISBN ISBN 0-426-20502-2

Current Selling Prices
$150-$200 /£70-£100

After 673 years, the Doctor returns to his place of greatest fear: his home, the lost house of Lungbarrow in the southern mountains of Gallifrey. Meanwhile, Romana's presidency is facing its greatest test, Leela and Andred's futures are uncertain and the Doctor's deepest secrets are forcing themselves out into the open...

Wikiman says:
'...Lungbarrow was published in Virgin Books' New Adventures range, it was the last of that range to feature the Seventh Doctor. It was the final novel, under any banner, which featured the Seventh Doctor as the "current" Doctor, although McGann's Eighth Doctor had already made his televised appearance by the time the novel was published. Like all Doctor Who spin-off media, its canonicity in relation to the television series is unclear...'

Unclear canonicity?! You can't buy phrases like that. I've lost touch with Dr. Who, all I know is that Chris Evan's young wife Billie Piper was the latest Doc's handmaiden and I used to see Dalek's for sale in memorabilia sales when I was looking at books at CSK. As I recall they used to make big money but on close inspection were slightly tacky. Also 'pipe' has an equivocal meaning in French.

'Lungbarrow' is an expensive and much sought after paperback from Branson's company and although published in London all copies for sale are in the USA. The Dr. Who cult seems to be equally big there.

VALUE? A difficult book to locate--a decent clean copy is usually north of $120. My copy of BMC's 'Collecting Children's Books' list 150 books and annuals under 'Doctor Who' -- 'Lungbarrow' is not mentioned, possibly because it is heretical. The most expensive book is Doctor Who: The Cybermen' by David Banks described as having a silver leather binding and worth £90 in 2001.This book seems to have halved in price. On the web now the dearest is Doctor Who and the Crusaders from 1965 at $550 closely followed by Doctor Who in an Exciting Adventure with the Daleks the first Who book from 1965 £250 in a jacket. My 2001 guide has that at £20, indicative of a huge surge in price, possibly unsustainable. Below is David Tennant the ninth Doctor Who with Billie Piper, Billie stayed on with the tenth Doctor but the eleventh will have a new eternal consort. [ W/Q ** ]


Anonymous said...

David tennant played the 10th doctor... Not the 9th.

Anonymous said...

David tennant played the 10th doctor... Not the 9th.