23 March 2007

8000 items of Ephemera

We don't normally advertise our wares here but this collection needs an airing. 25 years of stuff that came with the books to our Charing Cross Road shop or actually fell out of books. Not for sale at present (needs sorting) five figure sum in mind -- this is just a fraction of it, mainly chosen for their graphic qualities. (Click on the image to enlarge, good sharp pics thanks to Nikon Sureshot.)

In 32 Banker's boxes (16 x 13 x 10") about 8000 items. Including Trade cards, Bill heads and letter heads, labels, admission tickets, handbills, receipts, menus, pamphlets, trade catalogues, certificates, invitations, bookplates and book labels, telegrams, carrier bags, theatre programmes, publishers fliers, autograph letters, autograph post cards and albums, Valentine and Christmas cards, scraps and diecuts, certificates, calling/ visiting cards, propaganda, postcards, government announcements, autographs, travel brochures, menus, cigarette cards, bus, train and tram tickets, maps, plans, public notices / leaflets/ proclamations, pamphlets, bookmarks, safe passes and membership cards - also early 19th Century and late 18th Century broadsheets, receipt books and political flyers.

Themes include political, theatrical, religious, erotic, shipping, military,aviation, wartime, spectacles and spectaculars, British Empire, South American travel (a significant amount) exhibitions, festivals and fairs, heraldic, food and drink, wine trade, children/ toys, domestic appliances, smoking, hotels, property, auctions, publishing and printing history, advertising, interior decoration, freemasonry, religious, occult, celebrity, cinema, advertising, music, transport, golf, tennis, sport and public entertainment.

Also photo albums, postcard albums, stamp albums, small scrapbooks, sample books, trade brochures, old photos, literary and publishing ephemera. Mainly British 20th Century but with a good proportion of rare earlier items, mostly in very decent condition.

More values tomorrow. Will probably do American genius Don DeLillo.

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