12 March 2007

A Pair of Red Clogs. Masako Matsuno, 1960.

I feel it's time I did another children's book. For some collectors there is no other kind of book, you can forget 'Wealth of Nations' 'Paradise Lost' and 'Thunderball.' There was a time when I knew very little about it and then we bought huge tranches of books from the Frederick Warne archives and I learned quite a bit. Thrown in at the deep end. They kept all the Potter stuff ,by the way, except late Potters in funny languages (quite saleable.) I learned that the more childish the better, that people like shape books and moveables and alphabet teaching and cats and elephants, Red Indians and little Japanese girls in clogs...

Masako Matsuno. A PAIR OF RED CLOGS. World Publishing, Cleveland, 1960.

Current Selling Price
$180-$300 /£100-150 Want level 50 - 75 High

Illustrated by Kazue Mizumura. Poignant children's story of a little Japanese girl whose new clogs get cracked. These clogs known as 'geta' in Japan are in fact 'high risiing red lacquer sandals.' In trying to find another pair little Mako (for that is her name) 'almost does a dishonest thing.' This appears to be evaded when her grandmother tells her a story. Much sought after. I suspect 'boomers'. Ebay special.

VALUE? Not uncommon but often ex library. Children's books are especially undesirable in ex lib mode. With a book of useful or valuable info you can put up with a few stamps, labels, perforations and white numbers on the spine. Hard to find a decent non library first in jacket for much less than $170 and super ones up to $300. I will get round to Jellybeans for Breakfast and Lazy Liza Lizard when I can, watch this space!

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