22 March 2007

The Books of Enoch: Aramaic Fragments of Qumran Cave 4 ( J. T. Milik)

THE BOOKS OF ENOCH.ARAMAIC FRAGMENTS OF QUMRAN CAVE 4. [ Jozef T. Milik & Others] Oxford University Press, 1976. ISBN 0198261616

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Milik, priest and scholar (1922 - 2006) known as 'the fastest man with a fragment' was part of the team that worked on the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls between 1947 and 1956. These 8 manuscripts (on scraps of smooth ancient leather) were found in Cave 4 by Bedouin tribesman and are practically the only known surviving Biblical documents written before 100 A.D. There is much interest in the divinely inspired Enochian material but most of it is available on the net. 500 pages, octavo and well illustrated, a nice Clarendon Press production. An example of the translation:
E[superscript]a I ii
12. ...But you have changed your works,
13. [and have not done according to his command, and tran]sgressed against him; (and have spoken) haughty and harsh words, with your impure mouths,
14. [against his majesty, for your heart is hard]. You will have no peace.

En[superscript]a I iii
13. [They (the leaders) and all ... of them took for themselves]
14. wives from all that they chose and [they began to cohabit with them and to defile themselves with them];
15. and to teach them sorcery and [spells and the cutting of roots; and to acquaint them with herbs.]
16. And they become pregnant by them and bo[re (great) giants three thousand cubits high
Transcription by J. T. Milik, amended by J. C. Greenfield; translation by J. C. Greenfield

Very hard to find. One copy on the web at present at £650 with a known relister, a slightly silly price and probably a relisting of a cheaper copy that has subsequently sold , so book is non existent. It has been there many moons. A lot of people want it but in general don't like to be taken as mugs.[Want level 25-50 Highish ]

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