20 December 2006

Books we must have though we lack bread.

Today's post doesn't have a book to gas about but a quote from one Alice Brotherton (above.) Bill Foster of Chiswick used to tell his customers that you could, if all else failed, actually eat books. I haven't tried it but suspect they would need some sort of marinade or serious boiling. My picture is from Lilliput early 1950s, we usually have a pile of these excellent magazines (some with Bill Brandt photos--they are worth an extra £1). This pic shows a bunch of hatted gents checking out a bookseller's stock -- I suspect they are George Jefferies books on the Farringdon road. He would often tip out a pile of new arrivals straight on to the pavement and watch the punters dive in after them. Tomorrow I am going after big game and dealing with Bror Von Blixen - Finecke's African Hunter.


Anonymous said...

You mention Alice Brotherton, I think she had something to do with my old University--Leeds (the Brotherton Library). Cool blog btw-- deserving of elevation to the peerage. Will have a word with Blair (might cost you!) Pip

Bookride said...

Make it a Knighthood Pip 'Arise Sir Nigel' sounds good. Talking of peers I have a feeling Alice Brotherton was actually Lady Alice Brotherton, what she knew about lacking bread I'm not sure.