23 December 2006

How to Bag the Biggest Buck of your Life

While ploughing through millions of wants I came across a few amusing titles. These are fom the F-J section. I gave a few to Brian Lake ( of Jarndyce, London) for his Bizarre Books reprint and he thanked me. Anyway here goes:

1. I Drank the Zambezi.
2. I Want to be the Person I used to be Repulsed by.
3. I was Kim Il Sung's Bodyguard.
4. Hey Beatnik this is the Farm.
5. I was Lean and I became Stout.
6. Historic Tinned Foods.
7. How you too can make $1,000,0000 in Mail Order.
8. How to get more out of Smoking.
9. How to Bag the Biggest Buck of your Life.
10. How to Build a Flying Saucer.
11. History of Purple as a Status Symbol.
12. Fags, Bags, Slags and Jags.
13. Flapper Spankings.
14. History of the Strange Sounds or Rappings heard in Rochester (1850)
15. Inner Skiing.
16. Irritating Experiments.
17. Isis very much Unveiled.
18. Investing by the Stars.
19. Investment Trusts Gone Wrong.
20. Forest of Bondage.
21. Invisible Exercise.
22. Irish Lunatics.
23. Jarvis Clay. Social Spy.

Before anyone accuses us of political incorrectness, please note these are real titles (unless someone is having a laugh.) Also I suspect that item 12 is a Brit book where fags are cigarettes and Jags are cars, however slags and bags is probably vintage sexism for which there is no excuse. More soon.

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