26 December 2006

Handbook of Meteorites... Vagn F. (Fabritius) Buchwald

A book that shows up infrequently and tends to get 'relisted' i.e. listed by dealers who don't actually possess the book, at an unreasonable price. If anyone is keen enough or foolish enough to pay their dastardly price they will procur a copy from a genuine lister who has it at a (much) lesser price. This cheaper book will often be sitting quietly on a less trafficed site. Relisted books tend to be more obvious on mega book sites like Bookfinder and Addall which is why keen buyers should use them, rather than just ABE or Alibris or Biblio etc.,

It is greatly disapproved of but it's not illegal and buyers should watch out for such venturesome dealers...

Vagn F. Buchwald. HANDBOOK OF IRON METEORITES. THEIR HISTORY, DISTRIBUTION, COMPOSITION AND STRUCTURE. 3 VOLS. University of California Press, Berkeley, 1975. ISBN 0520029348

Much sought after scientific book 1372 pages in length. The first volume describes pretty much what it says on the tin, the second and third volumes present a detailed survey of all iron meteorites known to the author as of Jan. 1, 1973. Results of chemical analyses are given, and the structure of each meteorite is described in detail. Very hard to find but the kind of book that might inspire a revised edition so one should be wary of paying a fortune. The first vol is general the second goes from Abakan-Mejillones and the third Merceditas-Zerhamra.

VALUE? One copy on web in late 2006 at $4000 but it is possibly a relisting of a copy that briefly flashed through Amazon at about a third of this; the lister gives the University of California Press place of publication as New Jersey which might indicate they did not have the physical book in front of them. Another unlikely lad had one at $5500 but has vanished, possibly a relister of a relister. There is also a used copy on a meteorite site at $1500 (jensenmetorites.com) Sometimes it pays to go outside book sites and ebay to find books, esp science and art.Use Google. Also try offline in a book shop. Bookshops are sometimes found in the centre of populous towns. There is a brisk trade in meteories on the web (e.g. meteorite.com) and they tend to be sold by the gram with prices ranging from 25 cents a gram to as high as $150. Reference such as this comes in handy establishing provenance and source. Stop Press - another fine copy (in slip - case) has appeared at $1900 from a specialist on ABE, confirming this, for the moment is a 4 figure book in dollars, euros and escudos. Btw that's Vagn Fabritius Buchwald →
Current Prices $1200-$1500 /£750-£900 Want level 25-50 Highish

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