02 January 2007

The Age of the Marvelous by Joy Kenseth.

A marvelous art catalogue, resolutely unfindable but could turn up with some indifferent art books and catas, library sale special...

Joy Kenseth. THE AGE OF THE MARVELOUS. Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth, USA.1991 .ISBN 0944722091 or 0944722105

Current Prices$150-$300? /£70-£160?

Out of print, very hard to find and much wanted. An exhibition catalogue of Renaissance and Baroque Art and the origins of the museum. Joy Kenseth teaches at the Ivy League Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. When an exhibition is dispersed all that remains is the catalogue and if a cult then grows around the departed show the catalogue becomes much sought after. If, like this, it is very hard to find, the price could be quite stroppy.

VALUE? No idea of true value but it might get listed by a sober seller at $100, a greedy one who sees how many want it will price it just beyond the pocket of the whole field which could be a surprising amount. All bets are off if it gets reprinted which is quite possible. The 2 ISBNS for the book are a puzzler, I thought it was a softback but one of them could be for a hardback. Neither bring up a damn thing at addall or bookfinder.

Want level 25-50 Highish
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