31 January 2007

Madonna. Sex. 1992.

Madonna. SEX. New York: Warner Books, 1992.

The great bibliomane Thomas Dibdin said that a person should have 3 copies of his favourite books, one for reading, one for collecting and one for lending to friends. If Dibdin had fancied Madonna's silver book 'Sex' he would have kept the collectable one in virgin state, i.e. unopened.The minute someone slits the silver mylar foil the book halves in value. This is basically true of all collectable books, they are not for reading and should ideally look like they are still sitting in Borders. The only problem with Madonna's book is that I suspect it will one day rust or oxidise or possibly self destruct. Its porn-as- fashion mode, with tattooed baldies and torpid bondage is a little vieux chapeau 15 years on and the book has demonstrably peaked. It will always be a curiosity, like the metal book produced by MOMA or Warhol's 'Index Book' with its mouldy balloon. Genuine signed ones are good, and the UK edition by Secker is said to precede the New York edition so has some caché. [Want level 50-80 High]

Current Selling Prices
$250-$400 /£120-£200 ISBN: 0446517321

VALUE? There are alot about. We put one on ebay a couple of years ago and it was kicked off as smut, it seems to be now acceptable again. Some dealers have several copies but still call it scarce. I guess having done the full on hyperbole description ('flawless, spectacular, as new, never opened') it's easy to just keep adding copies. Even a 'factory - sealed' copy can go through on ebay at around a $150 when there are a lot about. It must have the CD - 'in it's original mylar pouch. Celebrities photographed with Madonna - include Naomi Campbell, Isabella Rossellini, Big Daddy Kane & Vanilla Ice. Talking off celebs our very own Kylie Minogue did a sort of reply to Madonna's book in 1999 - and it is holding it's value ($100?). Produced by Damien Hirst's publishers Booth-Clibborn Editions in London. It's pink in an illustrated slip-case and less relentlessly sleazy than 'Sex.' At one point there were hundreds of 'hurt ' copies around, possibly the survivors of a forklift crash, so fine copies are uncommon.


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