15 January 2007

Lester Levenson. Keys to the Ultimate Freedom.

The Self Help thing has been going since the Greeks and Romans. Marcus Aurelius was the Deepak Chopra of his day. Thomas Moore dug up mediaeval manuals on how to live a decent life for his excellent 'Care of the Soul' and the Victorian Samuel Smiles (real name) wrote the book 'Self Help.' Arnold Bennet wrote on time management and what is Machiavelli's "The Prince" but a manual on getting ahead? I once had an English edition of 'The Prince' with a signed presentation from Winston Churchill to Lord Beaverbrook along the lines of 'this is how you do it!' Kind of undersold that one.

Lester Levenson. KEYS TO THE ULTIMATE FREEDOM,Sedona Institute, Arizona, 1993.
ISBN 0915721031

Current Selling Prices
$350-$750 /£180- £370

Paperback, often turns up well used. That uncommon thing - a valuable self help book. Dr. Lester Levenson realised one day that what we all want is happiness and calm. He had given up his wealthy medical practice and gone home to die of cancer at 42 and his breakthrough lead to him living another 42 years. He also wrote 'The Abundance Book: The Lazy Way to Riches.' The same info is apparently available a lot cheaper in the books of Hale Dwoskin '"Happiness Is Free and it is easier than you think". Dwoskin, something of a star in the human potential movement, appears to have taken on the mantle of LL's ideas after the great man's death in 1994 --the Sedona method , info and video at their site. It's all about getting rid of unwanted 'limiting' emotions...

VALUE? Hard to find a copy for less than $350 and some unenlightened ones charge obscene sums ($1500 in Ventura --there must be something in the ozone there.) Finally a quote from LL “If we don’t like what’s happening to us in the world, all we have to do is change our consciousness and the world out there changes for us.” Followers of the Sedona method include John Grey (Men/Mars) Jack Canfield (Chicken soup) and Mariel Hemingway.[Want level 25-50 Highish]


Anonymous said...

Lester Levenson was not a medical doctor. He was a physicist and entrepreneur. Lester did not go home to die of cancer; he had had his second massive heart attack at the age of 42, which was his impetus for discovering the method. Lestor asked several of his students, including Larry Crane, to continue to share the method. Larry shares the method under the name "The Release Technique" and offers this book and many other valuable books and tools at reasonable prices. Check out www.releasetechnique.com

lester levenson release technique said...

Mystic, Master, Sage and Saint - wow what fantastic choice of words for a man who changed not only his life but of thousands of others.

Anonymous said...

You can get a FREE pdf copy of this book online at:


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