17 January 2007

Australian Cattle Dogs. The First Five Years.

There are, of course no rules to book collecting. As Crowley said 'Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law...' You can, as I wrote yesterday, collect anything you like incunabula, emblem books, Taiwan printings, hoaxes, erotica, exploration, manuscripts, bookplates, books on books, books on JFK, books by the K foundation, books with the word 'foundation' in the title or as one wag did, books on a title theme like 'The Romance of Shopkeeping' or 'The Romance Of Weights And Measures'. He found about 30 titles including 'The Romance of Proctology' (1938). One chap I know collects books of a certain Victorian inky hue of blue and very handsome they look. Another chap who married a woman called Rita wants anything with Rita in the title. One crazy dude collected bus tickets and would shake old books to see if any fell out. He was banned. A young woman came in the shop wanting any book with pigs as characters, (she's got 'Animal Farm.') Today it's dogs...

Donn Harling. AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOGS THE FIRST 5 YEARS. 1980 - 1985. Privately Published ( Harling) Topeka, Kansas, 1986. ISBN 0961701307

Current Selling Prices
$180-$350 / £100-£200

Much wanted dog book. A breed apparently popular in the USA and the first five years refers to their time in the USA. A useful book for lovers of the breed. One canine punter called 'Woofie' writes on Amazon - '...you can cross reference blank spots in your own dog's pedigree.' Dog books are a good and persistent collecting genre and still sell well, the buyers actually read them and make use of them. Dogs they are not!

VALUE? Uncommon but people ask $200 to $300, they may even get it. You can also by mugs, calendars and fridge magnets related to the breed. They look like a friendly and enthusiastic dog and part of a trend towards smaller dogs. [Want Level 30-50 Highish]
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