13 January 2007

C. Daly King. Arrogant Alibi 1938.

Today's book is a thriller by an American author who also wrote books on pychology. Some of his non fiction is readily available but his early work 'Beyond Behaviorism' (1922) is elusive and probably worth a few bob as a curiosity. In the UK you see his mysteries in the green Penguin series-- eg 'Obelists at Sea' which he wrote in Bermuda.

C. Daly King. ARROGANT ALIBI. Collins Crime Club, London 1938

Elusive title from this odd US mystery writer. It features his 'tec Michael Lord who is in the psychological series Obelists. Collins Crime Club and hard to find even sans jacket. A person names Desirée D. Hammon has published a thriller in 2006 called Arrogant Alibi. A candidate for the Kate Adie prize?

Current Selling Prices
$1300 -2000 / £650 - £1100 Want level 15-30 Quite High

VALUE? RB Russell puts it at £1250 in jacket and a tenth of that without. The market could probably still stand such prices, although one suspects that King is less read than of yore. Are they still churning out golden age collectors? His Queen's Quorum short story collection 'The Curious Mr Tarrant' is worth considerably more and has cult status; however it was reprinted and many are content with those - this title, apart from the Appleton 1939 American first, was never reprinted. I am indebted to the invaluable and well stocked (esp golden age mysteries) facsimiledustjackets.com for the jpeg.

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